Best Home Care Software for Agencies (By Use Case)

With the growing demand and complexities of delivering home care, agencies need the latest software to ensure their caregivers stay organized, remain compliant, and get paid on time. Home care software can also improve the client experience, with tools like in-app communication and self-service information.

In this guide, we’ve included the top 11 home care software platforms to help you with every aspect of your health care business — from recruiting and scheduling to billing and training.

11 Best Home Care Software Platforms for Agencies

In this roundup, you’ll find the best home care agency software for administrators, registered nurses, rehabilitative therapists, and caregivers.

1. CareAcademy

Best for: Home health care agency training and compliance.

CareAcademy is a state-approved, mobile-friendly training platform for home care and home health agencies, as well as franchise systems, long-term care facilities, and payors. The software empowers caregivers to complete training when it’s convenient, and it gives administrators visibility into progress on required training. 

The range of courses available through CareAcademy covers entry-level training through advanced certifications for private-duty home care. The platform also offers 40+ classes and topics for admin CEUs.

Key features:

  • Assign classes automatically according to state requirements and due dates.
  • View caregivers’ training progress in one place.
  • Upskill home health and home care employees.
  • Keep your caregivers compliant with automated reminders.
  • Edit your curriculum as many times as you wish.
  • Auto-assign any additional annual training.
  • Provide caregivers with instant, client-specific training.
  • Enroll caregivers in groups of classes for retraining
  • Offer continuing education credits for CNAs.
  • Identify caregivers who are nearing their training deadline by filtering your dashboard.
  • Rely on state compliance support for all 50 states.
  • Integrate training solutions with scheduling, HR, and onboarding operations.
  • Monitor training completion rates, clinical outcomes data, and knowledge retention.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other agency management systems.

See pricing.

2. WellSky Personal Care (formerly ClearCare)

Best for: Back office and scheduling. Integrates with CareAcademy. 

The WellSky home health care platform includes automatic Medicare eligibility checks, claims submission tools, and real-time dashboards. It’s especially useful for coordinating several types of care for individual clients — occupational therapy, home health care, and personal assistance, for example.

Key features:

  • Optimize intake, track referrals, and run eligibility checks efficiently.
  • Prioritize patient care and manage bookings.
  • Streamline care across your agency with HIPAA-compliant messaging. 
  • Schedule daily appointments, tasks, and documentation for caregivers. 
  • Gain real-time oversight with electronic visit verification.
  • Check quality assurance, claims management, and financial reporting.
  • Send managed care claims as orders, visits, and EOE worksheets.
  • Automate accrual accounting, and view dashboards and daily reports to improve financial performance.
  • Optimize client care with home health predictive analytics.
  • Use performance analytics to improve revenue cycle forecasting.

Contact WellSky for a demo and current pricing.

3. Smartcare

Best for: Talent and relationship management.

Smartcare software is an intuitive home care platform that helps you build your agency business, retain caregivers, and provide exceptional client satisfaction. Its mobile-friendly applicant tracking system lets you manage the recruiting and hiring process from your smartphone and automates applicant communication.

Key features:

  • Manage clients, caregivers, scheduling, point-of-care, back-office operations, business intelligence, and analytics in one tool.
  • Complete tasks in the field and back-office with efficient workflows.
  • Save time with one-click scheduling.
  • Manage your agency from anywhere with the mobile app.
  • Keep caregivers, clients, and families connected through chat, messaging, and family portal communication tools.

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4. Alayacare

Best for: Back office and scheduling. Integrates with CareAcademy. 

AlayaCare is a cloud-based home care agency platform with back-office functionality, clinical documentation, remote patient monitoring, client and family portals, and a mobile home care app.

Key features:

  • Deliver clinical documentation to home and community care providers in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.
  • Organize your clients’ care journey from start to finish with fully integrated home care scheduling, billing, payroll, and reporting.
  • Access real-time schedules, route details, billing, safety, time tracking, patient data, forms, and reporting.
  • Sync clinical documents and patient care plans.
  • Experience purpose-built video conferencing for home and community care organizations.
  • Engage and inform all parties caring for their loved ones via the Family Portal.
  • Achieve better health outcomes with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

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5. Caretap

Best for: Visit verification.

Caretap is a comprehensive cloud-based home health care automation platform known for its electronic visit verification (EVV) feature. It has a user-friendly mobile interface, but caregivers can also use a landline to clock in and out for client visits. 

Key features:

  • Securely collect client signatures.
  • Schedule and track caregivers in real time. 
  • Sync all home health visit verification to the cloud for compliance-readiness.
  • Integrate Caretap with accounting software for easy payroll processing.
  • Review metrics like time on site and extended visits.
  • Automate schedule reminders for caregivers.

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6. Revenue Performance Advisor by Change Healthcare

Best for: Claims management.

Revenue Performance Advisor by Change Healthcare includes a suite of tools that help home care agencies manage claims and reduce bad-debt write-offs for uncovered services. The platform also simplifies account statements for clients and clearly explains financial responsibility. 

Key features:

  • Reduce claim denials with AI-powered claims optimization.
  • Use the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) editing tool to avoid claims errors.
  • Attach documents to claims and submit them digitally.
  • Process claims for multiple tax IDs.
  • Manage all claims in a single platform.

See pricing.

7. AxisCare

Best for: Managing multi-location agencies. Integrates with CareAcademy. 

AxisCare is a leading all-in-one home care management software for single and multi-location home care agencies. It helps agencies track essential growth metrics, forecast revenue cycles, achieve effortless compliance, and create an overall better client and caregiver experience. 

Key features:

  • Use drag-and-drop scheduling to improve efficiency.
  • Build specialized intake forms, assessments, or care plans from the client's profile.
  • Create custom rates and rules for individual billing/payroll transactions.
  • Bill third-party payors with accurately formatted visit information.
  • Make data-driven business decisions based on relevant and actionable insights.
  • Maintain EVV compliance by automatically capturing each caregiver’s visit date, time, location, and services on the GPS mobile app.
  • Send the required visit information to payors so you get paid faster.

Contact AxisCare for more information and custom pricing.

8. Homecare Homebase

Best for: Back office and scheduling.

Homecare Homebase (HCHB) is a cloud-based home health software solution that streamlines staffing, scheduling, and routing. It ensures home care agencies complete accurate documentation at the point of care.

Key features:

  • Schedule the best-matched clinician for each visit.
  • Optimize routes for caregivers.
  • Access complete EMR patient information in real time.
  • Get clinical guidance when needed and manage medication.
  • Fill out visit documentation onsite and upload it in under 2 minutes.
  • Follow intuitive prompts and reminders to reduce costly billing errors.
  • Automatically fax patient notes and orders to physicians and facilities that need them after each visit.
  • View real-time data about back-office staffing and financials.

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9. HHAeXchange

Best for: Compliance management

HHAeXchange is the leading web-based platform for home care agency management. Designed specifically for Medicaid personal care, it helps connect state agencies with managed care payors, providers, and caregivers. It also includes a suite of federal and state compliance features.  

Key features:

  • Track lead sources.
  • Create and manage patient schedules based on authorizations and patient-specific needs.
  • Validate each patient visit in real-time with multiple EVV methods.
  • Pay your caregivers on time with the fast, accurate, and user-friendly integrated billing and remittance processes.
  • Evaluate actionable insights to track patient trends, reduce readmissions, and provide the highest quality of care.

Contact HHAeXchange for more information and custom pricing.

10. Alora Health

Best for: Caregiver scheduling.

Alora Home Health Software combines all the functions of a home care agency operation in one powerful software platform to increase efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Key features:

  • See up-to-the-minute visibility on home visits that are in progress as well as delays and no-shows.
  • Enable caregivers to check their schedules, capture signatures, and complete care plan visit notes.
  • Automate open-shift notifications.
  • Enter and view schedules from the angle of a patient, caregiver, or agency as a whole.
  • Send and receive faxes and store fax confirmation logs with the built-in fax tool.
  • Stay in contact with all staff, including caregivers in the field, with HIPAA-compliant email.
  • Comply with payors’ requirements for prior authorization. 
  • Automatically calculate each caregiver’s travel time and mileage from one patient visit to the next. 
  • Document any communication that you want to keep on file.
  • Check the dashboard to see what's in progress and what's remaining.

Contact Alora for more information and custom pricing.

11. Careficient


Best for: All-inclusive health care management.

Careficient is a comprehensive cloud-based software platform that helps home care agencies manage employees, payroll, and scheduling. It also securely stores patient information, doctors’ orders, interim orders, and OASIS forms. 

Key features:

  • Identify available staff members with the required skills to meet patients’ care plans.
  • Invoice at the appropriate times and meet all your essential deadlines.
  • Automatically generate, validate, and submit OASIS forms to the state.
  • Reduce claim rejections and denials with automated billing.
  • Automatically create interface data feeds to your external payroll, CAHPS, and CRM vendors.
  • Enable the event-driven workflow to meet all compliance requirements.
  • Verify eligibility from within Careficient.

Contact Careficient for more information and custom pricing.

Which Software Is Right for Your Agency?

Whether you're looking to improve patient care, streamline caregiver management, or increase productivity and profits, there's a home care software platform that's right for your agency.

Take advantage of the custom demos and pricing to see which home care agency software is best for you.

And remember to check out the home health and home care agency training from CareAcademy.

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