Podcast: Your Questions Answered—Navigating Vaccine Mandates in Home Care

by | Nov 3, 2021

Welcome to CareAcademy’s Home Care On-Air! Join us on this podcast journey as we help accelerate home care towards the future.

In this episode, we welcome Erika Sessions, Director of Compliance & Policy Development at CareAcademy. Hundreds of participants attended our recent webinar, Navigating Vaccine Mandates in Home Care: Industry Experts Share Insights, Guidance, and Resources, and many asked great questions about implementing COVID-19 vaccine policies.  Erika joins us to answer those frequently asked questions and sheds some much-needed light on how your agency can stay compliant with the roll-out of the new state and federal vaccine mandates.

As Home Care Agency operators, the future of home care is in your hands, let us help you pave the way! 

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