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Ready to get started? With the CareAcademy Basic Plan, you’ll get access to our complete dashboard, core compliance reports, and integrations with agency management platforms, all while meeting state-mandated training requirements.

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  • “Our caregivers love the freedom of being able to complete the training on their own time. We find they’re completing it much more quickly.”
    Kevin Smith, CEO, Best of Care
  • “For the first time, we can provide the critical training our staff requires in a flexible manner, enabling them to safely receive training when and where it is convenient for them.”
    Dan Savitt, President and CEO, VNS Health
  • “The success of this new online training program expands our ability to attract and retain some of the best talent out there and to take care of our consumers now and in the future.”
    James Rolla, SVP, Partners in Care
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