Frequently Asked Questions

Are CareAcademy's online classes approved in my state?

CareAcademy’s online classes are used by senior care providers across the nation to train a variety of types of caregivers including Companion Caregivers, Personal Care Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Home Health Aides. Each state has different regulations that can vary by type of caregiver and whether the training is for orientation (initial training) or in-service (annual training). Payer type (private duty, medicare, medicaid) is also a factor. Please speak with our Training Specialists for a definitive answer.

Will it work on smart phones?

Yes! CareAcademy is designed to work on smart phones and 79% of caregivers complete our classes on either a smartphone or tablet. CareAcademy is the only mobile-first online training platform in the home care industry.

What classes and training topics are included with CareAcademy?

As of April 2019 CareAcademy provides 60+ online classes based on state-approved training topics. Please download our most up-to-date class list here:

Will my caregivers get a certificate?

Yes! Upon completing a class and passing a 10-20 question multiple choice test, your caregivers will have access to an 8.5″x11″ downloadable and printable certificate. As a manager you will have access to all of your caregivers’ certificates. Managers can download certificates individually or in bulk and all certificates are available 24×7 inside your administrator dashboard.

How do I know if caregivers are completing their assignments?

CareAcademy’s administrator dashboard visually reports each caregiver’s progress so you can quickly see who has or has not completed their orientation and annual training. We use intuitive colors and progress indicators that communicate each caregiver’s progress without the need for running a report. Class completion is also documented on the included reports.

What happens if caregivers don't complete their assignments?

Our Customer Success team will begin reaching out to your caregivers via text message 60 days before assignments are due. CareAcademy’s proactive email and text message outreach has led to a 90%+ on time completion rate. In addition, your online training dashboard visually communicates each caregiver’s progress. There is also a page within the dashboard that lists every caregiver who has over-due training assignments.

How often do you update the classes?

We regularly review and update our classes based on: customer and learner engagement and feedback, state compliance needs, and best practices. CareAcademy has an in-house compliance team responsible for tracking compliance on an on-going basis. Our classes are updated as needed to meet compliance requirements and ensure caregivers have training resources that empower them to meet their clients’ diverse needs.

What reports are available?

Our training reports are designed with the help of state auditors to ensure that if you are audited, you will be able to quickly produce the documentation state auditors require in the format they want to see it in.

What does it look like to get started with CareAcademy?

When you sign up, your CareAcademy administrator dashboard will be created instantly. Once you have access to your administrator dashboard, the next step is to review which classes will be assigned and add caregivers. For customers with 25+ caregivers, our Customer Success team is happy to import your roster if you provide names, phone numbers, and email addresses in a spreadsheet. CareAcademy will text and email each caregiver a welcome message and login instructions.

Is the training easy to use?

CareAcademy’s online caregiver training and administrator dashboard are very user friendly. Our technology team is continually working with caregivers, managers, and home care owners to make CareAcademy the most user-friendly online training platform on the market. Many customers who have used other online training platforms report that CareAcademy saves them several hours per week, due to ease of use.

Can we pick which classes are assigned to our caregivers?

Yes! By default CareAcademy provides you with a recommended set of classes that meet your state training requirements for both initial and annual training. You can customize the curricula if you choose. CareAcademy can also be used to document your in-person training sessions, any workshops your caregivers attend, and any training they’ve taken prior to you signing up with CareAcademy.

Can we create/upload our own classes?

There are multiple options for adding your training to CareAcademy, depending on your agency’s specific needs. Please speak with our Training Specialists to discuss creating and uploading your training content.

Does CareAcademy offer in-person training as well?

As of April 2019 CareAcademy is not creating or publishing in-person training curricula. In-person training (such as classroom training, in-services, workshops, and training seminars) can be easily documented in CareAcademy, so all of your training records and reporting is in one place.

Are CareAcademy's online classes approved for CNA CEUs?

CareAcademy has CE for CNAs in most states. Some states require approval. As of September 2019, CareAcademy has the following CNA CE approvals:
  • California
  • District of Columbia (CNA & HHA)
  • Florida
  • Washington
Please note, not all states require board approval, and some states do not have CNA CE training requirements. Please speak with a Training Specialist for more information on CareAcademy’s approvals.

Do you have classes in Spanish?

We are exploring plans for translating classes to other languages, however, as of April 2019 our classes are English only. Unlike other training platforms, CareAcademy’s online training features video of instructors teaching, client-caregiver scenarios, and simple reading activities which make it easier for non-native english speakers to complete the training. We target a 6th-8th grade reading level and reinforce concepts through video and interactive screens to improve comprehension and knowledge retention.

How does pricing work?

CareAcademy’s pricing is an annual license based on the size of your care team. Customers have the option of paying monthly or annually.

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