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Frequently Asked Questions

How is CareAcademy different from other services?

CareAcademy provides not only content specifically meant for home care, but also the hands-on support needed for caregivers to succeed. Take a look at our platform for a more in-depth view of how CareAcademy works.

How do I determine if your classes meet my state's requirements?

CareAcademy currently services 24 states. Take a look at our state map to see if we meet the standards in your state.

Can caregivers earn CEU hours?

Yes. Take a look at the state map to see if your caregivers qualify for CEU hours on our curriculum. Note: In California, we are applying for CEU hours.

Are your classes only available online or do you have in-person classes?

CareAcadeny classes are only available online. We can, however, provide lesson plans on how to use our videos as part of an in-person teaching curriculum which you can use to host group classes in your offices. Contact us to learn how to use this model  as an affordable way to supplement your training.

What is your completion rate for caregivers?

On average, our agencies see a 52% completion within the first four weeks of using CareAcademy Training Support. This is because classes are engaging and robust: our classes are 90% video and include interactive activities such as matching games, discussion, and decision-making exercises for caregivers to reinforce learning. At the end, get certificates after taking a test.

Do caregivers get a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Caregivers receive a certificate upon successful completion of each class and earn CareAcademy badges based on their level of completion. Classes require a passing grade of X% on the final assessment. Certificates are added to their account and can be printed at any time. A copy of the certificate is also made available to the agency.

Can we use your classes to teach in-person?

Yes! Ask our sales representative about lesson plans for your agency and how to do use our videos as part of teaching in person with your caregivers.

How do you price your services?

CareAcademy provides affordable education services for you and your caregivers. Pricing is based on the number of caregivers to be trained in your agency and the level of follow up you require. Annual licenses can be purchased on a monthly basis, or on an annual basis with a discount. Our services cost a fraction of what most agencies pay for training and onboarding. In fact, agencies can save up to 60% on training services using CareAcademy. Try our cost calculator to see how much you can save.

How often do you update classes?

CareAcademy continues to add classes to ensure we meet state standards and follow best practices on a quarterly basis. We work with a team of experts including Harvard researchers, nurses, nutritionists, and physical therapists.   We consult regularly with a team of professional caregivers and CNAs who are able to provide us with the best insights into what caregivers need to know in our classes. We develop all original content in our studios and use state mandates, Medicare requirements, and recommendations from our home care agency partners.

How do caregivers access training?

When you become a CareAcademy partner agency, caregivers are sent invitations and a follow up directly from your agency’s caregiver concierge. From there, they can proactively take classes at their convenience on any device – tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Classes are compatible with Android, Windows, and iPhone.

What classes do you offer and how long are they?

We cover not only the hard skills that every caregiver needs to know, but also the soft skills and professional skills that help caregivers connect with their clients. Classes are 30 minutes to ninety minutes in length and can be paused at any time. Classes do not have to be completed all at once. Download our course catalog for more information.

How do I monitor caregiver progress?

Our dashboards make it easy for you to track caregiver progress, certifications, and compliance. You can see where they are in the curriculum on a class by class level view quiz results and see when they have completed classes. We also issue weekly reports a provide copies of all completion certificates.

What is a CareAcademy Coach(™)?

Each client is assigned a CareAcademy Coach(™) who will onboard your agency, reach out to each of your caregivers, keep a record of their activity, and inform you of who needs continued support. CareAcademy also provides live technical support from 7 AM-9 PM ET via phone or chat. After hours we will answer questions and call you back as soon as possible. There are three ways to reach us – by phone at 1-866-227-3895, via email at  hello@careacademy.com or via the platform chatbox where you can text or email a representative.

How much would you save on training now?

Find out by using our training cost calculator.

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