Over 7.4M new direct care workers are needed by 2029 to meet the industry’s growing needs, according to PHI—and attracting new entrants into the field, and retaining existing workers is approaching crisis levels.

To help agencies address this growing need, CareAcademy conducted a survey of more than 1,500 caregivers nationwide, providing insights on caregivers’ interest in pursuing further education, the barriers they face in doing so, and the role of employers in workers’ educational attainment. Most significantly, the data signals caregivers’ overwhelming preference to work for and to stay with, agencies that provide resources for ongoing education.

Join CareAcademy's own Aaron Dun, SVP of Marketing, and Jessica Jones, Outcomes Manager, as they discuss the results of this caregiver survey and how it can benefit agencies with efforts to recruit and retain caregivers.

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