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Compliance 102: Level Up Beyond Best Practices

This is part two of a two-part webinar series on compliance and the benefits to agencies.

Compliance is often seen as a burden rather than an opportunity. In this webinar, learn about compliance basics, how to leverage compliance to its full potential, and how to level up beyond to transform your business.

Join CareAcademy’s own Erika Sessions, Director of Compliance & Policy Development, as she discusses basic ways to leverage existing requirements to offer additional, focused training and certifications for direct care staff.

About our speakers
Erika Sessions
Director of Compliance & Policy Development
Erika Sessions works to aggregate compliance requirements and best practices for home care providers in senior care. Through partnership development, regulatory research, and resource creation, she strives to contribute to data-driven policy change and workforce transformation. Erika comes from a diverse professional background and enjoys learning every facet of an organization. As a big picture strategist, her appreciation and mastery of minutia aid this detail-driven role. Erika has a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Denver and was originally drawn to the healthcare industry through personal experience ultimately achieving her Masters of Science in Healthcare Management at the Oregon Health and Science University.

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