Podcast: Home Care On-Air—From Chaos Comes Opportunity: Healthcare Moves Home Post-Pandemic



The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of care moving outside the four walls of the traditional care setting. This is the kind of “zero to one” shift that will revolutionize the future of care. As we launch the CareAcademy’s podcast– Home Care On-Air–we are joined by our very own CEO and Founder, Helen Adeosun, as we take a deep look at how care, and care in the home, will be transformed in a post-pandemic “next new normal.”

The shift in care expectations has created a new set of opportunities for how we deliver care and the types of players who will be entering the industry. We already see this with companies like Amazon, who are new entrants in the healthcare ecosystem. According to Helen Adeosun, this is something we will continue to see from various companies, some of which you may not even expect to enter healthcare.

We have already witnessed significant shifts in tech adoption and people’s behaviors, but there needs to be changes to the care infrastructure in order to support quality care and positive outcomes.

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