Press Release: CareAcademy Expands its Course Library to Include 300+ Hours of ANCC Accredited Nursing Continuing Education Courses Through Strategic Partnership with Wild Iris Medical Education

CareAcademy, the leading home care and home health workforce empowerment platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Wild Iris Medical Education that will further expand the company’s offering to include accredited nursing continuing education. By leveraging Wild Iris Medical Education’s American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accredited and approved courses, CareAcademy will add over 70 courses, representing more than 300 contact hours. Home health agencies of all types will now have access to skilled home healthcare courses from within CareAcademy’s market-leading training and compliance platform.

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“CareAcademy is committed to enabling our agency partners across the entire care continuum to deliver the best possible care and improve their clients’ outcomes. This partnership with Wild Iris Medical Education further expands our reach to also encompass home healthcare providers including Nurses, RNs, LPNs, and more,” said CareAcademy CEO and Founder Helen Adeosun. “We are enabling these home healthcare providers to build on existing skill sets by providing them with access to courses they need to maintain their licensure and deliver excellent patient care. Wild Iris Medical Education has an impressive history of delivering online courses and evidence-based articles to healthcare professionals. We are pleased to empower our agency partners by creating new ways to access this vital education for caregivers.”

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CareAcademy’s mission is to upskill and prepare direct care workers of all types to meet the growing demand for home-based care serving older adults across the post-acute care continuum. The partnership with Wild Iris Medical Education will expand its offering to include continuing education to help individuals maintain their licenses in nursing. With many direct care workers working long hours in care settings during the pandemic, CareAcademy’s mobile-friendly and on-demand training on its platform further improves accessibility for healthcare workers during this crisis and beyond.

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With over 20 years’ experience providing online nursing education courses for healthcare professionals, Wild Iris Medical Education understands the importance of providing medical education in user-friendly ways. The ANCC accredited content from Wild Iris Medical Education includes state-mandated courses and covers numerous topics including wound care, diabetes, and pressure injury prevention and treatment. The course content is rolling out now across the CareAcademy platform and will be fully available to CareAcademy customers within the next 30 days.

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“CareAcademy’s rapidly expanding customer base in the home care agency market makes them a natural partner for us to work with to extend our course library directly at the point of need,” said Ann Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of Wild Iris Medical Education. “CareAcademy’s mobile-friendly platform will enable more nurses to access courses at their convenience and in turn help maintain their compliance with state and federal requirements.”

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To learn more about the Wild Iris Medical Education relationship and how to make these ANCC accredited courses available for your direct care workers, join CareAcademy and Wild Iris Medical Education for a webinar on February 3, 2021 at 1pm ET. Register today: https://careacademy.com/webinars/wild-iris-partnership/

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About CareAcademy

CareAcademy creates online training that empowers senior care professionals to deliver the highest caliber of service and improve the lives of older adults. More than 150,000 direct care workers are learning and growing professionally through CareAcademy. Coupled with its advanced reporting, training, and compliance management dashboard, CareAcademy is an end-to-end, scalable training and compliance solution that has already transformed nearly 1000 home care businesses into efficient industry leaders. To learn more, visit https://careacademy.com.


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About Wild Iris Medical Education

Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc., is a privately held, woman-owned company providing online healthcare continuing education. In 1998, Wild Iris began offering online, accredited nursing continuing education courses and has since expanded to provide CEUs for occupational therapists, physical therapists, paramedics, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals.

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PR Contact:

PAN Communications

Angelica Bishop

(617) 502-4390

[email protected]


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