Webinar: Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of CareAcademy

Learn tips from CareAcademy experts on using all of the platform's features to make your training program the most efficient and effective it can be.

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Ginger Barrientez
Director, Customer Marketing
Ginger Barrientez is a healthcare marketing enthusiast with 16+ years of experience in the industry, from revenue cycle management to reference-based reimbursement, to value-based care, and now healthcare training for improved outcomes. She joined CareAcademy in April 2022 and focuses on strategic initiatives to improve the customer experience and foster advocates of CareAcademy. Ginger is passionate about serving her community alongside her daughters through their involvement with the National Charity League, and she’s always on the search for unique restaurant experiences.
Tyler Olshansky-Bailon
Customer Success Manager
Tyler has been with CareAcademy for over 2 years. She recently transitioned over to Customer Success from Onboarding and is very excited to dive into this new role. Outside of CareAcademy, Tyler is also a professional singer and has a Great Dane name Beetlejuice, who she is trying to get CareAcademy to use as their mascot because he’s awesome and cares.
Luis Salazar
Customer Support Manager
With 14 years of dedicated experience in customer service and support, including a nearly 7-year tenure at CareAcademy, Luis is a seasoned professional addressing client needs and ensuring their success.

Webinar Details

Thursday-December 14, 2024 11:30 am
Overview Join us to learn the top 10 tips and tricks used by the most successful CareAcademy customers! Whether it's leveraging back-office integrations, using pre-built curriculums, or setting a caregiver's language preference to Spanish, our customer support experts will walk you through it. This webinar will be valuable to both administrators currently using CareAcademy and those interested in getting to know our platform better.

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