Gareda Home Care Services Selects CareAcademy as Their Trusted Training Provider for Thousands of Caregivers

Boston, MA (03/9/2020) – Gareda Home Care Services, one of the largest independently-owned, non-medical home care agencies in Illinois, employing over 2500 Home Care Aides, announced today they’ve selected CareAcademy as their trusted caregiver training solution.

Gareda has been serving Illinois for nearly 40 years, providing exceptional home care services to its clients. Gareda employs dedicated Home Care Aides that are thoroughly evaluated and screened and undergo extensive training. Gareda switched from an online training provider to CareAcademy’s learning and development platform because of CareAcademy’s demonstrated ability to improve onboarding and provide superior technology, content, and service. CareAcademy will serve as the platform to deliver interpersonal, compliance, and caregiver skills education in support of Gareda’s in-home care training programs.

“Our partnership with CareAcademy allows us to go beyond just an online training program and focus on growing our business by investing in the learning, upskilling, and development of our most precious resource, our caregivers. CareAcademy’s superior but simple technology, content, and service allows our business to continue to scale while providing the highest quality care to our clients,” said Ella Grays, Chief Executive Officer of Gareda. “As innovators in this space, we know that better technology and high-quality classes will help us as we grow. To that end, we’re extremely excited to provide CareAcademy’s high-quality training to our thousands of caregivers, enabling them to provide top notch care to our clients.”

“Gareda’s leadership team is a pillar of the Illinois community at large, and particularly the Illinois Association of Community Care Program Homecare Providers community. We’re thrilled to be the new solution of choice to help Gareda streamline many HR functions and prepare the right quality caregiver to work with any client, at any time, to meet the growing demand,” says Helen Adeosun, CEO and Co-founder of CareAcademy. “Our best-in-class software and learning modules enable owners and managers to upskill workers for health needs and even certify new health workers in a range of skills to reduce their shortage of qualified workers.”

CareAcademy helps home care agencies grow faster and effortlessly maintain compliance with engaging online caregiver learning and easy-to-use technology. CareAcademy has been shown to reduce caregiver onboarding time by up to 60%, driving higher revenues for home care agencies. CareAcademy offers high-quality caregiver training on an easy-to-use platform that automatically assigns the right training at the right time. Caregivers take engaging, bite-sized video classes on their smartphones. As a result of the class accessibility, platform features like text and email reminders, and simple but powerful technology, classes have a 90%+ completion rate. Home care agencies have the opportunity to access nearly 160 hours of mobile-friendly video training to meet state requirements, upskill their caregivers, and quickly onboard caregivers for new clients.

About CareAcademy
Founded by caregivers, CareAcademy creates online training that empowers senior care professionals to deliver the highest caliber of service and improve the lives of older adults. Over 70,000 caregivers are learning and growing professionally through CareAcademy. Coupled with its automated training compliance dashboard, CareAcademy is an end-to-end, scalable training solution that transforms home care businesses into efficient industry leaders. To learn more, visit: www.CareAcademy.com.

About Gareda
Gareda has been serving Illinois with pride, care and expertise since 1981. Gareda’s quality in-home care services enable individuals to maintain in the comfort of their own home. Gareda upholds the worth and dignity of its diverse community of clients all while maintaining a family of dedicated employees by fostering an environment that integrates teamwork, integrity and unwavering professionalism. To learn more, visit: www.Gareda.com/

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