Honoring Direct Care Workers on National Caregivers Day

Today is National Caregivers Day! Celebrated on the third Friday of February, this day honors and thanks individuals across home health, home care and hospice (and we’re including family caregivers!) who selflessly provide personal care, as well as physical and emotional support to those who need it most.

Caregivers are essential to the broader healthcare ecosystem. With a rapidly aging population that wishes to age in place, the demand for home care only continues to increase. In fact, a recent PHI study indicates that as many as 7.4 million new care workers will be needed by 2029 to meet the need – making today’s caregivers’ contribution to the broader care continuum even more precious and invaluable. 

At CareAcademy, our mission is to empower and upskill those who provide care to our most vulnerable populations. On National Caregivers Day, we want to offer our gratitude.

“We thank you for your hard work, your heart work, and the dedication that that you present in caring for our loved ones. Without you, all other work would not be possible.”
Helen Adeosun, CEO and Founder


To celebrate these care heroes, today we’re sharing a few stories from caregivers in our network.

Inspiration for becoming a caregiver

Many caregivers entered the profession by caring for a family member. They were inspired by the support and compassion they were able to offer their loved ones, and are now fulfilled by supporting their clients with the same kindness and respect.

Bonnie C. says she used to take care of her mother who had cancer and loved supporting her family that way. Now, the appreciation her clients have for her is what keeps her motivated to continue providing care for others.

“I really listen and respect my clients’ needs and wishes and recognize their rights. Taking caregiving classes has taught me a lot of ways to handle things well too. I depend on clients' families for additional support as well! I stay in the present moment and focus on truly being there for my clients!”
Bonnie C., Caregiver

For years, Ashley S. helped take care of her great-grandmother who had Alzheimer’s – an experience in her early teens that developed her love for caregiving. With more than 20 years of professional experience, she says, “Caregiving is my calling. It’s very fulfilling to me.”

Motivated by purpose-driven work

Caregiving is very purpose-driven work. Many caregivers stay in the profession because of their deep commitment to helping others.

Else V. said she wanted to be like Mother Theresa growing up and knew at a young age that she wanted to be a caregiver. She disagrees with the sentiment that caregiving is often a thankless role, and instead believes that it offers an opportunity to create bring peace and joy to her clients’ lives.

Else likes to quote Mother Theresa: “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

The desire to help older adults and make a difference in their lives motivates Adeleye A. in her role as caregiver. She says that receiving good feedback—despite hitches she encounters—motivates her to continue caregiving. 

Marlene D. agrees that clients’ gratitude is the motivation that keeps her going. “My clients hold a special place in my heart,” she says. “They are like family after all this time, and they are sincerely grateful for what I do. The ‘thank you’ from them is priceless.”

Thanking all caregivers

Caregivers contribute so much, not just to their clients’ health and quality of life, but to the broader healthcare ecosystem as well.

To honor care providers who are continuously putting others’ needs before their own, CareAcademy has made a donation to Caregiver Action Network (CAN), the nation’s leading family caregiver organization working to improve the quality of life for the more than 90 million Americans.

Join us in thanking the caregivers in your life and network today using the #thankacaregiver and #nationalcaregiversday on social media.

From all of us at CareAcademy: Thank you, caregivers, for all you do—today and every day.

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