CareAcademy Launches Fully-Translated Spanish User Experience to Better Serve Spanish-Speaking Direct Care Workers and Care Recipients

Revolutionizing Caregiver Training with Accessible Spanish-Language Platform

[BOSTON, August 21, 2023] - CareAcademy, a leading provider of online professional development for caregivers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Spanish user experience. The new, fully-translated Spanish platform is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing caregivers with comprehensive training and support in their preferred language and increasing the workforce capacity to provide the highest quality of care for Spanish-speaking care recipients.

A Growing Need for Spanish-Language Caregiver Training

By 2060, Hispanic Americans will make up one in five adults over 65, according to the Administration for Community Living. The population of Hispanic older adults in the United States is projected to nearly double in the coming decades: In 2019, there were 54.1 million Hispanic Americans age 65 and older, and this is expected to increase to 94.7 million by 2060. According to Pew Research Center, 70% of people of Hispanic or Latino descent speak Spanish at home, illustrating a critical need for Spanish-speaking caregivers to care for this aging population in their preferred language.

Additionally, one in five caregivers is of Hispanic or Latino descent, according to research firm PHI, and one in four are immigrants, 30% of whom speak Spanish at home. CareAcademy recognizes the importance of offering training resources that align with this large portion of the existing and future direct care workforce’s linguistic preferences and proficiency. 

These statistics highlight the necessity for agency employers to leverage a comprehensive Spanish-language caregiver training experience to recruit, hire, train, and upskill workers to meet the growing demand.

Introducing the CareAcademy Spanish Learning Experience

In response to this pressing need, CareAcademy has launched a Spanish version of its platform, a fully-translated product experience that empowers caregivers to operate seamlessly in their preferred language and learn the skills to offer an improved quality of care. 

Administrators and caregivers can now select Spanish as a caregiver’s preferred language, ensuring that caregivers can navigate the platform in Spanish, auto-enroll in Spanish versions of classes, and receive all communications and reminders in Spanish.

Key highlights of the Spanish user experience include:

  • Fully-Translated Caregiver Dashboard: On the mobile-friendly dashboard, caregivers can see their assigned classes in prioritized order, see due dates at a glance, and easily determine what class to take next, all in Spanish.
  • Automated Messages in Spanish: Caregivers who choose Spanish as their preferred language will receive all communications, including welcome emails, password reset messages, and training reminders, in Spanish. This personalized approach ensures that caregivers remain engaged and informed throughout their training journey.
  • Spanish-Language Course Enrollment: Caregivers who opt for the Spanish platform experience will automatically be enrolled in Spanish versions of courses whenever available. With nearly 120 fully-translated CareAcademy classes, including videos, text, and interactive quizzes, caregivers can access a comprehensive learning experience in their preferred language.

This initiative fills a critical void in the caregiving industry, providing much-needed support to agencies with monolingual Spanish-speaking caregivers and clients as well as widening the workforce. The CareAcademy Spanish user experience revolutionizes caregiver training by delivering an end-to-end, fully translated user journey that recognizes the diverse linguistic landscape of the caregiver and care recipient population.

"We are immensely proud to introduce our groundbreaking Spanish user experience," said Helen Adeosun, CEO and Founder of CareAcademy. "This release addresses a significant gap in the caregiver training industry with not only best-in-class content in Spanish, but a complete user experience enabling Spanish-speaking caregivers to fully participate in their professional development journey without language barriers. This milestone furthers CareAcademy's commitment to elevating caregivers and enabling excellent health outcomes for care recipients. As we evolve our platform and solutions, we will continue to address the diverse needs of the essential direct care workforce in order to meet the healthcare needs of our entire population."

About CareAcademy

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